Grant Awards

The Terence Barry Grant Award


We are a small charity mainly concerned with therapy and research in Oxford. At certain times we invite applications for small grants of £250 anywhere in the UK. The grants may be a part or the whole of the cost of equipment, training or conference attendance, but are not limited to these examples. Applicants will be required to produce a short report, up to one page, on how the grant has benefited their work. This report may be published in our newsletter. Applications are currently closed.

Our Grant Award scheme invites applications from anywhere in the UK for small grants of £250.00. The grants may include the cost of equipment, training or to attend conferences or seminars. We ask for a report on how the grant has benefited the successful applicant which is published in our newsletter.

Our scheme in 2019 has helped Speech & Language Therapists, researchers and others by:

  • Attending courses such as ‘Working with Adults who Stammer’ and ‘Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’
  • A course at the Micheal Palin Centre
  • Coaching and Mentoring Course
  • Research into the causes and similarities of stammering and dyslexia


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