Open Afternoon Sunday 23rd June 2019

This year’s Open Afternoon will be held on Sunday 23rd June.

There will be a committee meeting at noon followed by the Open Afternoon starting at 14:00.
We have invited Catherine Woolley to participate with a discussion or workshop. Catherine is an SLT who is putting on a play about stammering “Unspoken”  in Oxford in October.  “Unspoken” was a collaboration between a playwright (Neil Rathmell) and a speech and language therapist (Dr Trudy Stewart). The aim was to create a play which would enable audiences to understand what it feels like to stammer by sharing in the experience of a particular individual who is trying to overcome and come to terms with his stammer. Catherine will be inviting audience discussion & feedback after each performance as part of her research.

Presentation & demonstration of the progress of the Respira project

Afternoon tea and cakes

What We Do

  • Encouraging and supporting NHS treatment
  • Promoting research into stammeringSince then the Trust has raised funds that have:
  • Supported group courses for adults and children
  • Purchased extra Speech Therapy
  • Sponsored training for Speech & Language Therapists
  • Refurbished the Apple House
  • Provide a self-help support link for those people and their families who have benefitted from treatment at the Apple House
  • Make Grant Awards throughout the UK
  • Provides & co-ordinates research volunteers

Study participants required

One of our Terence Barry Grant Award applicants, Mahmoud Elsherif, is looking for adult participants to help him in his study of ‘Differences in silent reading amongst stammerers and dyslexics’. If you know of anyone who can help please contact Mahmoud.UoB_Study