Open Afternoon Sunday 23rd June 2019

This year’s Open Afternoon will be held on Sunday 23rd June.

There will be a committee meeting at noon followed by the Open Afternoon starting at 14:00.
We have invited Catherine Woolley to participate with a discussion or workshop. Catherine is an SLT who is putting on a play about stammering “Unspoken”  in Oxford in October.  “Unspoken” was a collaboration between a playwright (Neil Rathmell) and a speech and language therapist (Dr Trudy Stewart). The aim was to create a play which would enable audiences to understand what it feels like to stammer by sharing in the experience of a particular individual who is trying to overcome and come to terms with his stammer. Catherine will be inviting audience discussion & feedback after each performance as part of her research.

Presentation & demonstration of the progress of the Respira project

Afternoon tea and cakes