Membership of The Stammer Trust is open to anyone who is interested.

It currently comprises a wide mix of people… some who may have had help at The Apple House along with family members and parents.

It costs £10 per year (£5 for students & seniors)

We publish a twice yearly Newsletter and the AGM in November is always a jolly affair with food provided.

If you pay tax, Gift Aid is a scheme by which you can give a sum of money to a charity (subscriptions) and the charity can reclaim from the Inland Revenue basic rate tax on your gift. For example if you give £10 using Gift Aid in the tax year 2018/19, that gift is worth £12.50 to the charity. Any member who wishes to join the scheme please email the Membership Secretary with your name and address and a form will be sent to you, or you can download the forms below and print it out yourself to post or email. Thank you.

membership-form-2016_website GiftAid Card